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Every business can benefit from advice, if not direct assistance, when it comes to identifying and pursuing opportunities for growth. For owners seeking professional financial guidance, our CPAs can serve as consultants and controllers. With the consulting and fractional CFO services our firm provides, our clients are able to leverage the benefits of our accounting experience without putting a burden on their budget. Pavento, Ratcliffe, Renzi & Co., LLC aims to offer comprehensive solutions for businesses in Franklin and the surrounding communities.

Part-Time Controller and CFO Services

Often, as a business expands, a controller or a chief financial officer will be hired to watch over the company’s finances while the remaining management personnel focuses on other operational concerns. Although related, these roles have distinct responsibilities. Controllers keep a close eye on the daily accounting management of the company. On the other hand, a CFO oversees the obtaining and management of company resources. While these roles can certainly help your company thrive, the expense of filling these positions with full-time employees may be prohibitive.

Professionals from our firm can serve as a part-time controller or CFO for your business. We can take care of your daily accounting needs as well as manage financial resources for you. By hiring a CPA from our Franklin firm part-time, you receive the advantages of having a controller or CFO at your disposal without taking on the costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.

Consulting Solutions from Pavento, Ratcliffe, Renzi & Co., LLC

Whether in support of our financial management services or as a stand-alone effort, our Franklin firm provides in-depth consultations. In doing this, we can help add value to your business.

As part of our approach, we first emphasize gaining a firm understanding of your business’ objectives. We then evaluate your industry and management style to identify areas where your company can expand. Finally, we organize our findings into detailed reports and collaborate with you and other key members of your organization during monthly meetings.
Additionally, to support your company’s goals with an appropriate financial base, we can package our consultations with several other products:

  • Financial Statement Drafting
  • Accounting
  • Tax, Trust, and Estate Planning

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Pavento, Ratcliffe, Renzi & Co., LLC provides business consultation services for companies in Franklin as well as across city and state lines. To learn more about how we can help you, call our firm today to schedule a consultation.